iShag Joke

Husband buys his son an iPAD, daughter an iPOD, himself an iPHONE & his wife an iRON. She wasn’t impressed even after he explained it can be integrated with the iWASH, iCOOK & iCLEAN network.This triggered the iNAG service, which totally wiped out all iSHAG functions!”..

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I wana be the relaxer for your korrils
I wana be the tissue for your snot
I wana be the spray when u smell frot.
I wana be the soap when you skirf
I wana be the lotion for your dry diff I wana be the stimorol to stimulate your
I wana be the rollers that makes your curls
I wana be the specs through which you peep
I wana be the swirlkous when you go sleep
I wana be the roll-on when your pitte smell I wana be your clearasil when your face looks
like a vrikkadel
I wana be the air fresherner for when your
poep smell like hell
I wana be the air to give your shoes some
inspiration I wana be the toilet to catch your flactuation
I wana be the laxative for your constipation
Baby, all I wana be is… Your

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Girl and guy jokes

There was a guy got in the taxi and sat next to a beautiful lady, and proceeded to start approaching her;

GUY: “Hello lady, is your name Google?”

LADY: “No, what’s makes you think that’s my name?”

GUY: “Cuz you got everything I am looking for….”

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