Mathew Chapter 7 versus 7

GUYs i saw a catholic sister last night and decided to give her a lift in my car. As the car was moving, then i placed my hand on the sister’s laps pretending i was looking for the gear lever.

The sister cast a glance at me and said; Mtcheew “matthew chapter 7 verse 7” and i quickly removed my hand. After short time,i placed my hand again on the sister’s lap and the sister said to me again “matthew 7 verse 7” i nervously removed my hand.

The sister reached her destination and got off the car, cast another glance at me
and said “So u don’t read your Bible!” And when i got home, i opened my Bible to Matthew 7verse7 and it says “ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU”….

I fainted…

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